Standing Rules

Original Adoption: 07/15/2019

Amendment Date: 09/29/2019

This PTA is affiliated with National PTA and NCPTA and as such is governed by the Uniform PTA Bylaws and the NCPTA Bylaws. This PTA shall remain in good standing by following the NCPTA good standing requirements which can be found on the NCPTA website at

Standing rules cannot be in conflict with the NCPTA Local Unit Uniform PTA Bylaws, PTA policies, IRS Regulations or nonprofit law.


OFFICERS: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 6 


DUTIES OF OFFICERS: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 6, Section 6.1- 6.6

President: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 6, Section 6.7

Additional Duties:

Vice President: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 6, Section 6.8

Additional Duties:

Secretary: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 6, Section 6.9

Additional Duties:

Treasurer: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 6, Section 6.10

Additional Duties:


BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 7, Section 7.1 - 7.8

Additional Duties of each member of the board of directors:

Meetings by the Board of Directors: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 7, Section 7.4

Meetings by Electronic Media: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 7, Section 7.6

Proxy voting: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 7, Section 7.8

Sample Order of Business/Agenda:


GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 9, Section 9.1 - 9.6

General membership includes all board of director’s members and all persons who have paid dues to this PTA for the current membership year.

PTA may have more general membership meetings, if desired.


MEMBERSHIP AND DUES: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 5, Section 5.1 - 5.3

Member Annual Dues = Local PTA dues + NCPTA dues + National PTA dues. 

Household Dues (2 Members): $15.50 (local) + $1.75 (determined by NCPTA) + $2.25 (determined by NPTA) = $20 

Individual dues: $6.00 (local) + $1.75 (determined by NCPTA) + $2.25 (determined by NPTA) = $10

 Educator Dues: $1.00 (local) + $1.75 (determined by NCPTA) + $2.25 (determined by NPTA) = $5


FINANCE AND BUDGET: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 6, Section 6.10 Treasurer, Article 8, Section 8.2 Audit Committee, and Article 11, Section 11.1 - 11.8 Finance and Budget, and finally, Article 13 Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of this PTA begins on July 1 and ends on the following June 30.

Annual Budget: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 11, Section 11.4

Officers prepare a proposed annual budget which, following approval by the board, shall be considered and adopted at the first general membership meeting of the fiscal year. Amendments to the budget may be considered and adopted at a regular or special general membership meeting after approved by the Board of Directors.

Checks: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 11, Section 11.5

Expenditures and fund availability: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 11, Section 11.6

All expenditures of this local PTA must be consistent with the approved budget and based on actual fund availability. 

All reimbursements for expenditures will be contingent upon actual fund availability.

Depositories: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 11, Section 11.7

(Provide name and address of all depositories.)

ANYWHERE Bank, Address, City, State, Zip; Phone: 919-319-4834

Contracts and other financial agreements: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 11, Section 11.8.

Financial Procedures established by board of directors and treasurer: Check Request Procedures


Do NOT leave PTA funds at school.

Deposit Procedures

Do NOT leave deposits at school or in the PTA mailbox.

Please provide the treasurer with the following documents:

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the PTA is not exempt from paying North Carolina sales tax on items purchased for use. However, the PTA is eligible for reimbursement of these state and county taxes on a semi- annual basis. The only exception to this rule is for purchases of items for resale during fundraisers. In these instances, please contact the treasurer for a certificate of Exemption to submit to vendor. In addition, PTA’s are not required to collect sales tax on these items sold through a fundraiser.

Please note: Only payments made on a PTA check are eligible for sales tax reimbursement, THEREFORE, please make every effort to use a PTA check when making large dollar amount purchases.


COMMITTEES: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 8, Section 8.1 - 8.5

SMS PTA shall have 2 types of committees: standing committees and special committees.


STANDING COMMITTEES: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 8, Section 8.1

The board may establish additional standing committees at any time as needed. When determining if a committee should be a standing committee, the board should take into consideration work involved on an ongoing, month-to-month basis, collection of funds involved and confidentiality of information used in the work of the committee.

Advocacy Committee: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 8, Section 8.4.  The advocacy committee shall: 

Audit Committee: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 8, Section 8.2

Nominating Committee: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 8, Section 8.3


SPECIAL COMMITTEES: Please see Uniform PTA Bylaws Article 8, Section 8.5

Special committee chairs are not members of the board of directors; chairs only attend board of director meetings when their committee’s work is in progress; chairs do not vote and are not counted in the quorum for board of director’s meetings.

Communications Committee & Chair: 

Communications to school families are delivered in a variety of ways including our new PTA Spartan Life Blog, Social Media, and Weekly E-Newsletter. Communication tools are utilized to encourage and increase parent, teacher, student and community involvement and to keep these vested partners abreast of programs, activities and events.

Communications Sub-Committees, Chairs & Coordinators:  All PTA communications to school families, staff and the community must be reviewed and approved by Communications/PR Chair, Editors and SMS PTA VP for accuracy prior to distribution.

Communications & Public Relations Chair: 

Spartan Newsletter Author: 

Spartan Newsletter Editor:

Social Media Community Coordinator: 

Website Update Coordinator: 

Member Directory Coordinator: 

The SMS PTA can choose to publish an annual SMS Student & Staff Directory for students, parents and staff members at the beginning of each school year. The Member Directory is a handy reference of students’ names, addresses & phone numbers, and contains additional but not limited to important information including school phone numbers, a staff directory with e-mail addresses, PTA information such as President’s letter and Board roster, school calendar, SAT and ACT dates, Business Alliance, Spartan Athletic, Band and Other  information, bell schedule, bus routes, school map, school clubs and fall athletic schedule that teachers, parents and students find extremely useful. 

Volunteer Coordinator: 

Fundraising Committee & Chair:

Fundraising Sub-committees, Chairs & Coordinators: 

The Spartan Shop offers a variety of SMS spirit wear items which may include, but are not limited to: t-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets, etc. for sale online, during lunch and at special events.

Spirit Wear Shop Manager/Fundraising Co-Chair:  

Spirit Wear Coordinator: 

Spirit Night Coordinator: 

SPARTAN NIGHT is a safe, alcohol-free & drug-free event for students usually held in the evening on a weekday. 

Special Event Coordinator: 

Book Fair/Basket Auction Coordinator: 

Color Battle Coordinator: 

New Member Coordinator: 

Programs Committee & Chair: In collaboration with Salem Middle School leaders [Principal, Teachers, and Counselors] this committee: 

Program Sub-committees, Chairs & Coordinators:

Reflections Coordinator: The primary responsibilities of volunteers for this program include an in-depth understanding of program/contest rules, regulations, deadlines for entry, fundraising, small event planning, purchasing, announcements, and newsletter content creation (Reflections portion).  

Cultural Arts Coordinator: Organizes CA events, schedule artists of various types (dancers, singers, storytellers, acting, art) for the school.

Tracking Out Hunger/Donation Coordinator: Organizes special programs and food drive collections to assist SMS families in need.

Wellness Program Advocate: Researches, coordinates, and implements wellness programs to promote healthy eating, physical activity, social, and emotional wellbeing.

Awards & Academic Recognition Coordinator: Communicates with SMS leaders [Principal and Teachers], and volunteer coordinator to award all exemplary student, volunteer, and educator achievements. Works within budget to purchase honor cord gifts and other awards. 

Academic Recognition criteria at Salem Middle School: 

Unweighted 3.5 GPA and above.

Grant Writer/Coordinator: Works with PC and others to guide the implementation of the SMS, Student Assistance, Student Groups and Teacher Grants; communicates availability of grants to groups.

Services Committee: Hospitality, Grounds, Copy Services, and Lost & Found

Services Sub-Committee Chair and Coordinators: 

Hospitality/Staff Appreciation Coordinator: Organizes several hospitality programs at SMS. Chair works closely with the Services Chair to plan and coordinate staff appreciation events throughout the school year that may include, but is not limited to: Back-to- School luncheon, winter break treats, Meet-the-Teacher events, Appreciation Week activities, etc.

Lost & Found Coordinator: Gathers, sorts and posts images of items found around the school to the SMS PTA website Spartan Newsfeed; organizes items not claimed for donation drop-off/pickup. 

Copy Room Coordinator: Reviews and tracks copy requests from SMS teachers and staff; organizes copy room schedule and works alongside other CR volunteers to ensure turn around efficiency; performs copy room services [includes copying, sorting and delivery to classrooms] as needed.


PTA Mission, Value, Vision, and Tenets

PTA Mission

To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

PTA Vision

A Salem Middle School that is a model for competency at building students' character and academic success, inspiring respect, appreciation and strong support from parents and the community.

PTA Values

PTA Tenets

PTA Code of Ethics & Conduct

also found on this page

A code of ethics is a set of guiding principles that act as a benchmark for professional behavior. It is a promise to adhere to the values we all share as PTA members.

As a PTA volunteer, I am subject to a code of ethics similar to that which binds the professional workplace. The personal conduct of the members of the PTA Board of Directors directly affects the image of the PTA.

PTA board members will inspire others to recognize their own worth and potential by:

PTA board members will value all members and partners by displaying respect, fairness, honesty, integrity and support by:

PTA will respond in a timely manner to the needs of board members, individual members and school administration.

PTA will make meaningful changes to improve services and create new value for stakeholders.

PTA will recognize their responsibility to the individual members, board members, school administration and students.

PTA will understand how it contributes to the success of units and WCPSS and will work to align its strategies to support and enhance the work of all.

By signing (via electronic form), the PTA Board of Director member accepts these guidelines and agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics, and all other standing rules and contents of this document.