Conflict of Interest Policy

The following policy constitutes the conflict of interest policy of the Salem middle school PTA.

  1. Salem Middle School PTA requires compliance by its directors, officers, and agents with all laws and regulations to which it is subject. When the application of a law or regulation is uncertain, the guidance and advice of the PTA's legal counsel should be sought.

  2. Salem Middle School PTA officers have a fiduciary responsibility to the PTA and the PTA requires the loyalty of its officers in the exercise of the responsibilities. Officer shall not use their positions to secure personal financial gain for themselves or their families or friends at the expense of the PTA. Activities that may create a conflict of interest are prohibited. Circumstances that create the appearance of the comment of interest are to be avoided.

  3. Salem Middle School PTA's policy is to be strictly nonpartisan. The PTA does not support or take positions with respect to political parties are candidates at any level of government. No funds, properties, or services of the PTA shall be contributed or used directly or indirectly to influence the nomination, election, or appointment of any candidate for public office. Nevertheless, the PTA from time to time may take public positions on issues of importance to the welfare of the PTA and or the children of North Carolina and their families. In addition, PTA encourages its officers and members to take an active personal interesting community and government affairs at all levels.

  4. The PTA maintains accurate and reliable business records related to disbursements and other transactions to which the PTA is the party.

  5. Violations of this policy may result in suspension or removal from office, as determined by the Board of Directors.

  6. All officers are expected to wait here to the terms of this policy. Any conflict of interest, potential conflict of interest, or the appearance of the conflict of interest shall be reported to the president and board of directors immediately

The Board of Directors of the Salem middle school PTA pursuant to its authority under the PTA bylaws has adopted the foregoing conflict of interest policy.