Spirit Rock


The “Spirit Rock,” which is outside the main entrance of Salem Middle School, can be reserved to display a special message. Those eligible to paint a message on the Spirit Rock must be one or more of the following: a member of the Salem Middle School staff, a parent or guardian of a current student, a current student or group of students, a relative of a current student, or among the school’s alumni.

The main purpose of putting a message on the Spirit Rock is to help a SMS student or staff member celebrate a special day or occasion, provide encouragement, celebrate school spirit, or recognize / advertise a school club or event.

Reserving the Spirit Rock is possible with a minimum $35.00 donation to the Salem Middle School Parent-Teachers Association; donations of higher amounts are accepted. Those asking to reserve the Spirit Rock space to promote *school events,* are not required to make a donation, but they still must reserve it through the form linked below. All funds raised from the Spirit Rock reservations will be used to benefit SMS students and teachers.


The reservation week goes from Sunday morning to Friday evening. The person/group reserving the Spirit Rock can come on Saturday to cover the existing design with whatever base layer is needed for their own design. If you reserve the rock and don't have the time or artistic skills to paint it, please contact spiritrock@spartanspta.org for suggestions on local artists that you may hire. You may reserve the Spirit Rock up to four times during the year, but this cannot be done for consecutive weeks. If a particular message stays on the rock (because no one has rented the next week(s)), there will not be an additional donation necessary. 


All reservations are done on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. No reservation will be confirmed unless the donation has been received (except in cases of SMS staff).


The message on the Spirit Rock must be submitted at the time of the reservation request. The volunteer in charge of the Spirit Rock rental must approve the message before authorization is sent.

Messages and images must be acceptable within school community guidelines and policies. Any messages submitted that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be approved. If the message or images displayed on the Spirit Rock are not what has been approved (minor adjustments are OK), then the party reserving the Rock will lose the rental period, the design will be covered, and they will not be approved to reserve the space again.


Once the payment is received, and the Spirit Rock PTA volunteer has approved the message, you will get confirmation via email and/or text message. The confirmed reservation will appear on the Spirit Rock Calendar page. Please contact spiritrock@spartanspta.org with any questions.


If there is at least one full week *before* the rental period is set to begin, a full refund can be issued. Otherwise, a refund will not be processed.