The primary responsibility of our Advocacy Chairperson is to inform the membership about education issues and North Carolina PTA legislative goals.

Advocacy Priorities 

The bylaws of National PTA and the North Carolina PTA both state that a core purpose of PTA is to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.

In keeping with that part of the North Carolina PTA mission, and in support of the existing and long-standing policies of North Carolina PTA, the following advocacy priorities will guide the work of North Carolina PTA.

School Funding

In North Carolina, the state government is required by law to make sure that every school system has sufficient funds to provide every child with the opportunity for a sound basic education as defined by the North Carolina Supreme Court and the laws of the state.  Local governments also provide funds, but the state is required to make sure the total amount of funding is adequate.

North Carolina PTA will encourage and support initiatives at all levels of government—local, state and federal —to assure that every school system has sufficient funding to provide every child with an opportunity for a sound basic education.  That includes sufficient funding for qualified teachers in all classrooms and skilled administrators in all schools.

Teachers and Administrators

North Carolina PTA recognizes that the success of every school depends on the teachers and administrators in that school, supported by active and caring parents.

Parental Involvement

Good schools require parental support and involvement. Parents can and should be active participants in the education of their children. Teachers and administrators can be most effective when they have such support.

As an integral part of its advocacy mission, North Carolina PTA will work to increase meaningful parental involvement in our public schools.


North Carolina PTA believes that well-designed and well-administered accountability programs are essential:

Health and Wellness

The education of children depends, to a great degree, on their overall health. Our public schools must help children learn the value of balanced nutrition, sensible exercise and good overall health.  North Carolina PTA will support public policies at all levels of government and school programs that help to maintain the health and wellness of children.