Fall 2022 Penny War & No Hassle Fundraiser

We are raising money to support programs at Salem Middle, such as student enrichment and cultural arts activities at Salem Middle School. In the past, these activities have included sponsoring artists and authors to visit with students, as well as provide funds for students to participate in various off-campus events. At the school, we'll be asking students in each track to bring coins to put in collection jars that we'll monitor. But we're also doing an online No Hassle fundraiser, asking parents, guardians, family, and friends to participate as well. All donations will count toward a particular track's Penny War total!

How it Works

Penny War

November 14-18, 2022

Students can contribute coins in jugs labeled for each track. A parent volunteers will monitor jugs that will be in the hallways as students come into the school. A member of the PTA leadership team will then count money and points, and we'll update the totals!

No Hassle Fundraiser

November 14-18, 2022

Parents, guardians, family, and friends can make donations online (either select a track or make a general donation). Donations made to a specific track count toward that track's total amount raised.

Online Fundraiser Links

Campaign Main Page https://spartanspta.memberhub.gives/sms2022/

To go to the donation page for a specific track, click one of the links provided below.


Check our spreadsheet (updated daily) to see which track has the most points total (money raised at school + money raised online).

Direct Donation Links to Specific Tracks