2022-23 Membership Drive

Your membership is a signal to the educators at SMS faculty of your interest in and support of their formal (and informal) educational programs, efforts, and interests. You'll hear from us on a regular basis, but not in a spammy kind of way. Also - you're under no obligation to volunteer your time or even donate funds.

During our 2022-23 Membership Drive, which goes from July 1 to August 30, the cost is $10 for an individual membership and it's $20 for two people.


If you'd like to join the PTA, but it's not financially possible, either contact us (admin@spartantspta.org) or contact the school. We certainly want as many people to join as possible. Your involvement is important!!

If you're interested in a more formal role with the PTA Board, we have some specific areas of need. These have been listed on our SMS PTA Facebook page. Contact us at board@spartanspta.org if you're interested, or see our website for more details (https://spartanspta.org)

Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to be a PTA member to continue to access this Facebook group or even our official SMS PTA Facebook group.