2021-22 Membership Drive

Your membership is a signal to the educators at SMS faculty of your interest in and support of their formal (and informal) educational programs, efforts, and interests. You'll hear from us on a regular basis, but not in a spammy kind of way. Also - you're under no obligation to volunteer your time or even donate funds.

During our 2021-22 Membership Drive, which goes from July 1 to August 30, the cost is $8 for an individual membership (normally $10) and it's $15 for two people (regularly $20).

SPECIAL FOR NEW or RENEWED MEMBERS: If you become a member before August 30, you're eligible for the "New or Renewed Membership" bundle. There are two choices: Either get a reduced price on a SMS magnet + 1 PE shirt, OR get 2 PE shirts (sizes can differ). Just be sure to add the membership AND one of the bundles (if interested) to your cart before you check out. You'll be able to pick the bundle at the Meet the Teacher Event (just show us your electronic receipt). You can also do the membership sign-up and buy the bundle with cash or check at the Meet the Teacher event itself.


If you'd like to join the PTA, but it's not financially possible, either contact us (admin@spartantspta.org) or contact the school. We certainly want as many people to join as possible. Your involvement is important!!

If you're interested in a more formal role with the PTA Board, we have some specific areas of need. These have been listed on our SMS PTA Facebook page. Contact us at board@spartanspta.org if you're interested, or see our website for more details (https://spartanspta.org)

Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to be a PTA member to continue to access this Facebook group or even our official SMS PTA Facebook group.